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”It is the love that creates... extraordinarily beautiful things”

Luxury has become our family label, a sort of baton passed down for more than three generations, a Love that makes the product speak, a Dedication that animates every corner of the factory and tells its tale at every single process stage during the creation and elaboration of the final product.

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Calzaturificio Augusta Shoes Logo


At Calzaturificio Augusta, we offer our professional experience at 360 degrees, a serious and careful collaboration and strong support in all stages of design, elaboration and product engineering. It is a collaboration that is not limited just to technical skills related to the development and creation of a pattern, but that is open and offers its expertise and technical skills also in the development of lasts, all types of bottom construction and accessories.
Daily production is currently around 380 pairs of all types and heel heights of women’s footwear, along with beautiful ballerinas and shoes with exclusive wooden bottoms with heel heights of up to 140 mm.


Calzaturificio Augusta, the pattern-making, from prototyping to engineering of the article.


Cut and seaming

Calzaturificio Augusta, the cut, the seaming, the seams and pleating are made carefully.





Finishing - Packaging

"The end processing of the final product becomes luxury".


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