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Calzaturificio Augusta dal 1927


Calzaturificio Augusta, the pattern-making, from prototyping to engineering of the article.

A careful and attentive study of the prototype is carried out for the creation of samples so as to interpret and satisfy the various demands of each client.

In the shoe factory are performed different workings of the shoe mounted with different heights and types of heel and funds.

There are also the processing of bags and blake

BLAKE METHOD, Processing carried out with Machine Blake  wich sews with double thread simultaneously upper, insole and sole.

SLIP LASTING METHOD, this processing embodies softness, lightness and processing techniques that are synonymous of quality, research of materials, style and elegance that identify a crafted product. This method does not allow the use of normal lasts. Stretching takes place with heated iron shapes where a craftsman of experience provides the ironing and hand-beating of the shoe and get its perfection.