Calzaturificio Augusta dal 1927

“It is the love that creates… extraordinary excellence”

And, it is with this love… that we are committed to putting the Soul of Luxury into a product specifically designed and developed for our customers. Luxury has become our family label, a sort of baton passed down for more than three generations, a Love that makes the product speak, a Dedication that animates every corner of the factory and tells its tale at every single process stage during the creation and elaboration of the final product. It is only if Passion, Professionalism, Experience, Curiosity, Attention and Care grow and burn within you that you can give life to that ‘special’ something that Luxury feeds on and generates

“A Long Tradition”

Having a history and having it so long, so dense and alive and ‘genetically’ transmitted is a Luxury for us and for those who collaborate with us.

Every corner of the company emanates the perfume of history; history and experience nourish it.

“Whenever I pass my hand over the old workbenches that we have restored, or when our father tells us old anecdotes about the company and our grandparents, it is impossible not to feel very special and unique emotions. It is as if, in that moment, the past, present and future unite in an unusual melody.” (Elena Del Carratore)

The history of our company has its roots in great grandfather Ranieri, in the neighborhood of San Lorenzo alle Corti, not far from the city famous for the Leaning Tower, Pisa.

In 1895, Ranieri Del Carratore begins the artisan production of wooden clogs and, in 1927, his son Giuseppe brings to life the actual production of footwear for men and women. Towards the 1940’s, with the assistance and support of his wife Desdemona, Giuseppe Del Carratore begins the production of a new line of children’s footwear.

The internationalization of the shoemaking company begins to take off around the 1950’s with a substantial production destined for the American market and then to European and Japanese markets.

During the 2000’s, Augusta will also have the fourth generation at its side: Ranieri and his children Alessandro and Elena, beyond overseeing the creation, marketing and production of their own line, begin comprehensive work with renowned Italian, French and American high fashion brands, as well as assisting in the development of lines with important young designers in vogue.

Over the years of its history, the ‘style’ of Augusta shoemaking company takes shape, outlining its character and ability in the exclusive production of fine women’s footwear.

Origin of the Name Augusta

“In 1978, I handed the helm of my shoemaking firm Alaska-Augusta over to my children Ranieri, Osanna and Maria, who would establish the present day Augusta Shoe Manufacture”. (From the diary of Giuseppe Del Carratore, 1989). My grandfather writes in his diary that the names he chose for the firm were designed to lend the product a structured, robust and principally Italian attribute.

Grandfather Giuseppe initially baptized his company with the name Alaska because, in the early period of activity, it produced robust shoes with rubber soles (Pirelli rubber produced for car tires) and boots for cold weather. With the advent of the first footwear trade fair in the post-war period, Grandfather Giuseppe began moving away from this type of footwear and his ‘King of the house slipper’ type and began to produce and sell shoes for men and women that were ever more refined and elegant.

He recounts in his diary, “With the first Italian trade fair we began to produce lighter, more elegant shoes. The purpose of the shoe had changed, a heavy construction and very structured shoe was no longer necessary…people began to walk less, and more and more people began using automobiles to get around…” (From the diary of Giuseppe Del Carratore) That is why around the 1950’s, with an increasing focus on new constructions of footwear, Giuseppe Del Carratore felt the need to put another name alongside Alaska to become the ‘Alaska-Augusta Shoe Manufacture’. There were many types of lines produced by the shoemaking company, but they all had a common denominator, what Giuseppe called their ‘Italian-ness’, the value of a product that has a story and evokes a bit of history: ‘Augusta’.

Augusta’s Vision

Augusta is attentive and respectful of each client, offering a 360-degree professional assistance, from the inception of an idea to the research of the construction and engineering of the collections. In recent years, Augusta has sought to invest its strengths in the improvement and updating of technical skills to meet with and fulfill every specific need of every single client.

Show room

The Augusta shoe factory show room where the highest quality collections are created.