Ranieri Del Carratore




In 1978 Ranieri DC received the baton of sole director from his father Giuseppe, “since I was a child I have always followed my father at every step; I remember that once, and I was very young, I went to the family garden with a shoe and shovel in my hand, I wanted to plant the "seed of the shoe" I wanted at all costs to help my father! ".
Already at the age of nine years, during my free time and after school I loved to accompany my father at the factory and during his business trips to suppliers and customers. In 1978, with my sister Maria-Osanna, I founded the new company Augusta: commitment, passion, curiosity and perseverance, they have always animated and led my journey into the world of footwear to become almost a "beautiful and exciting disease" like the great master, my father passed on and taught me.

Product development manager


"What I envy in our father is to be an" old-fashioned "entrepreneur, trained both in books and in the workplace, he knows every corner of the company, every machine, every department better than anyone, in him we love that perfect combination of theory and practice, between mind and hand and that way so natural and almost innate to work weaving the strings to give life and value to the Italian industrialized craftsmanship ".
Ranieri together with his sons Elena and Alessandro and with every specialized collaborator follows the company's product from concept to industrialization and marketing.